Doing Business

Vending Services
Questions Due: June 27, 2024
Bidders Conference: June 18, 2024
Proposals Due: July 11, 2024

SARTA employs approximately 250 team members throughout the organization. The largest concentration of employees works in transportation as drivers or supervisors. All these positions begin or end their shifts at the Gateway complex. The transit centers are staffed by 1-3 employees during normal business hours. Bus drivers, transit supervisors, and passengers also have access to the transit center lobby vending machines throughout the day.

SARTA wants to continue to provide traditional vending services for our team members and passengers at the transit centers. Additionally, SARTA would like a convenience style fresh market at the administrative center. SARTA would like to have input into the pricing structure for vending products, including incentivizing healthy choices. SARTA is seeking a commission in exchange for the use these spaces owned by SARTA.

DOT Physical and Drug-Alcohol Testing
Questions Due: June 20, 2024
Bidders Conference: June 13, 2024
Proposals Due: July 11, 2024

The Stark Area Regional Transit Authority (SARTA) is seeking proposals for the following services: DOT and non-DOT Physicals, along with drug and alcohol testing including Pre-Employment, Random, Follow Up, Post-Accident, and Reasonable Suspicion.
SARTA currently employs approximately 225 total employees. All new hire employees have a pre-employment physical, drug test, and alcohol test performed as part of the pre-employment process. SARTA anticipates 50-60 new DOT hires and 5-10 non-DOT hires annually.

Insurance Brokerage Services
Questions Due: June 13, 2024
Proposals Due: June 27, 2024

Stark Area Regional Transit Authority (SARTA) with a main office, located at 1600 Gateway BLVD SE, Canton Ohio. SARTA, is a political sub-division organized under Ohio Revised Code 306.35, which provides public transportation, fixed route, and ADA service for Stark County residents. SARTA is funded by a ¼ percent sales tax that is voted on by citizens of Stark County. SARTA also receives Federal and State grants for capital and operating assistance. We are public servants dedicated to providing outstanding customer service. SARTA employs approximately 250 employees to meet the needs of the Stark County community.
SARTA is soliciting proposals to obtain a relationship with an insurance (health, pharmacy, dental, and vision, hearing, and life) broker that provides maximum services and competitive pricing. The intent of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to select one broker to assist SARTA in the process of reviewing available options and presenting the best for selection.

Information for Vendors

Welcome to SARTA’s Procurement page. All major procurements (RFP, IFB, RFQ, etc.) will be displayed on this page. In order to view a current procurement, you must provide the requested information in the window below. If you have any questions about current procurements or if you are having difficulty viewing current procurements please contact John Michaels, Procurement Administrator at [email protected].