SARTA PinPoint by myStop

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If you would like to use SARTA’s PinPoint by myStop yourself, here is what to do:


Download The PinPoint myStop app

1. From the Apple or Andriod App Stores, download the “MyStop Mobile” app.


Pick Your Transit Agency

Once the MyStop Mobile app has been downloaded and installed, search for “SARTA” in the search bar.


Select the “SARTA PinPoint” icon

Once you select “SARTA PinPoint”, your mobile device will set SARTA as the default Transit Authority.


Select your Desired Route

You will then see the list of current SARTA bus routes and you may tap on which route you would like more information on.


Select A Vehicle or Stop on The Map

From that map, you may tap on a vehicle or a stop to see more information.  Tap the back arrow in the upper left-hand corner to bring you back to the list of routes.


Setup Alerts

You can add a notification for a specific bus stop by clicking selecting that bus stop on the route you are seeking to add a notification for.

This will give you the ability to receive email or text notifications when a vehicle passes a designated stop (but you will need to designate Inbound/Outbound direction when you set up this alert. Make sure to finalize your notification by clicking the blue “Add Notification” button at the bottom of the screen. Once added, you will begin receiving alerts with information about your specific bus stop.

If you have any further questions, please call SARTA customer service at (330) 477-2782.