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Will Sunday Service return?

Possibly, the issue is the cost to operate on a Sunday.  We feel that providing efficient services during the week when the majority of riders are going to work, school and appointments should be our priority.  We are investigating options for having some services on Sundays as well as funding sources to support the service. 

I can’t afford a full-price pass, what are my options?

If you are a Stark State student or faculty, you can ride for free with your Stark State ID. 

We also offer a discounted Student Pass (see eligibility requirements here) and reduced rate fares for those 65 and older or with permanent disabilities.

Can I make a proline reservation more than three days in advance?

No, the soonest a proline trip can be booked/scheduled is three (3) days in advance.

Does SARTA run on major holidays?

We do not operate on major holidays, here is the list of holidays:

New Year’s Day
Memorial Day
4th of July
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day

We do operate on other holidays such as Martin Luther King, Presidents Day, Good Friday and Veterans Day.

Do you have a lost and found? what if i lost something on the bus?

Yes, we do, visit our Lost and Found page for information.

How much does it cost to ride sARTA?

We have several fare options, visit our Fares and Passes page for more information.

Are all of the buses wheelchair accessible?

Yes, all SARTA buses are wheelchair accessible. For passengers with ADA recognized disabilities you may be eligible for Proline Transportation.  More information is located on our Proline Page.

Do All Of The Buses Have Bike Racks?

Yes, all SARTA buses have bike racks.

What are your office hours and location?

Our main offices are located at 1600 Gateway Blvd SE, Canton, Ohio 44707. We are open 8AM to 4:30PM, Monday through Friday.

How can I advertise on your buses?

To advertise on any of SARTA buses or on our electronic screens, to learn more visit Advertising with SARTA.

Where is my bus? how do I find a bus stop?

SARTA offers real-time transit information through its GPS-powered program, PinPoint.  

It can be accessed from any mobile device on the Mystop App (Apple or Android), from a desktop computer or by phone.  PinPoint allows riders to track their bus, receive text/email alerts, and much more.  To begin using, simply download the PinPoint app to your mobile device or visit our PinPoint page. 

Can I be notified about service changes?

Yes, you just need to create an account in PinPoint.  Once you have an account, you will need to select the way you want to receive your alerts and the route(s) (eventually link to tutorials).  You can also set up re-occurring alerts to for routes you take frequently, and it will txt/email you when the bus is about to arrive at the stop.  In your account, you can set the time to alert you to be 5, 10 or more minutes so you have plenty of time to get to your stop. 

What programs does sARTA have for students?

SARTA has a discounted Student pass and if you are a Stark State Student you can ride for free.

Where and When can I buy a pass? Can I buy a pass online?

Passes can be purchased online, in the EZFare App, at any of our 4 transit centers, and the Alliance Community Hospital.

What senior, veteran, aDA or medicare programs does SARTA offer?

SARTA offers Fixed Route, Proline and Medicaid services. For more information on these services,check out the Getting Around page.

What is SARTA planning for the future?

SARTA continues to look at ways to enhance the rider’s ability to utilize our services.  We are researching new transit technologies, exploring ways to improve our routes and provide easier connectivity in our system, more efficient ways to pay fares, working with the Hall of Fame to provide transportation services to their staff and visitors, explore and develop employment and child care express services, conduct pilot programs for Dial-a-Ride or ride share programs for the non-ADA riders and much more. 

Where do SARTA riders go on the bus?

They go to work, the grocery store, medical appointments, shopping, dinner out with friends, to school, or visit their friends or family.

What is the number for SARTA’s Customer Service line?

Customer Service is at 330-477-2782, option #2.

Where do I get a schedule for my bus? how do I read a schedule?

Schedules for all SARTA buses can be viewed on our schedules page or can be picked up at any of SARTA’s four Transit Center Locations. To learn how to read a SARTA bus schedule, contact our Travel Training Outreach Specialists at 855-887-2782. or our Travel Training page.  

How late do SARTA buses run?

SARTA fixed route buses run from 5:20a until 9:45p with the exception of SARTA’s late night Routes 153, 152, 151 which run from 9:45p until 12:45a. All SARTA routes and schedules, including late night loops, can be found on our schedules page

If I need to take more than one bus to get where I’m going, do I need to pay each time i board?

If you need to ride more than one bus you can request a transfer ticket at the beginning of your trip (first route you ride) and use it on your second bus.  However, its more cost effective to purchase an All Day bus pass for $3.00 or if you ride regularly a 31-day monthly pass for $45.00.  All ticket information is located here.

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